The good things that Sam Hicks did for others throughout his lifetime had a lasting effect on so many people. FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, III echoed those thoughts during his speech at the Memorial Service for Special Agent Hicks at St. Paul Cathedral in Pittsburgh on December 12, 2008.

Mueller explained how Sam was described by many as "the best" -- the best friend, the best agent, the best police officer, the best husband, the best son, the best father -- time and time again. And although this was a sad time, Mueller said that everyone can "take comfort in knowing that we have the chance to carry on Sam's work; that is the highest tribute we can pay to Sam," and that's why the Samuel S. Hicks Memorial Fund continues on.

Read the full speech from FBI Directory Robert S. Mueller, III

As a result of his ultimate sacrifice, Special Agent Sam Hicks' name was added to The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, DC. The Memorial, which features two 304-foot-long curving marble walls, contains more than 19,000 names of federal, state and local law enforcement officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

Read more at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund

Special Agent Samuel Hicks Families of Fallen Heroes Act

In 2009, Sen. Lieberman introduced the Special Agent Samuel Hicks Families of Fallen Heroes Act. The act authorizes payment of moving, transportation and relocation expenses for families of Federal law enforcement officers who have fallen in the line of duty.  (more)

Sam Hicks Awarded Purple Heart

On November 18, 2014, Samuel S. Hicks received the oldest military decoration still in use around the globe, the Purple Heart. Established by George Washington, this military decoration is the only military decoration that does not require a recommendation. Instead, servicemen who meet the criteria of being wounded or killed in combat are immediately entitled to the award.. Learn more about the Purple Heart and its rich history in the United States of America. (more)

Sam Hicks Room at The Fayette County Drug and Alcohol Commission

The Fayette County Drug and Alcohol Commission (FCDAC) has honored Sam Hicks by naming one of their meeting rooms after him. The FCDAC helps individuals transition to a healthier, drug-free lifestyle and helps communities cope with the impacts of drug and alcohol addiction.  (more)

Sam Hicks Building

The plaque on the wall inside the FBI's Baltimore Field Office reads "All that is needed for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing." Above that quote is a picture of Sam Hicks. The "Sam Hicks Building" was dedicated in memory of Sam and his service as an FBI Special Agent on November 23, 2009.  (more)

Sam Hicks Memorial, Indiana PA

The residents of Indiana Township have erected a memorial to honor the memory of Sam Hicks and his ultimate sacrifice to their community.  (more)

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial

For many families, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial is hallowed ground. Each year thousands of people visit this site to pay their respects, lay wreaths and take impressions of officers' engraved names.  (more)

Southmoreland High School Remembers Sam

Friday Night Lights shined brightly on the friends and family of Sam Hicks during halftime of a Southmoreland High School football game in Alverton, Pennsylvania. The banner behind the home team bench read "SHS remembers Sam Hicks." The school presented Sam's mother, Charlotte, and sister with an "In Loving Memory" plaque to honor the life and accomplishments of Southmoreland alum Sam Hicks.  (more)

Fallen Man

A heart-tugging look at the memorial service of Special Agent Sam Hicks. The Fallen Man song pays tribute to the life of Sam, and the video images at the memorial service reflect the true emotion of those saying good-bye to a son, brother, husband, father … and friend.  (more)

New Britain Neighborhood Clean Up

Every year the youth of New Britain, Connecticut band together with the Samuel S. Hicks Memorial Fund to clean up their neighborhood. Lead by the FBI Citizen's Academy graduates and Yvette Ghannam, these kids not only work to clean up their streets and parks but also act as shining examples of individuals willing to take personal responsibility for the community around them. To learn more about the FBI Citizen's Academy, click here.