Whenever a tragedy strikes, we see towns, cities, and even nations grieve. All too often, time dampens grief and those feelings fade into the past. For a family involved in such a tragedy, this grief never goes away. They hold it inside, forever bound to it. How do they cope with such grief? They seek out those sturdy people, memories or places that help hold them up. They look for their rocks.

A community in Pennsylvania not only wished to remember Sam Hicks, but they chose a rather fitting symbol of that memory - a rock. Outside the Indiana Township Town Hall stands a rock, centered within some small shrubs and two park benches. Inscribed on the rock, read the words "In Memory of Special Agent Samuel Hicks, United States Federal Bureau of Investigation... In honor of his service and sacrifice for our Community." Members of the of the Township know Sam Hicks' story and refuse to let his sacrifice fade into the past.

It all started in April of 2011, with a letter from John Rex, 57. John, a volunteer firefighter, knows the importance of those people who serve the community. He understands the difficult decision a man or woman makes when they put themselves in harm's way, to save others. Thus, he felt that Sam's story should be memorialized in their community.

As the memorial effort moved forward, a Boy Scout named Treavor Moore, 16, stepped in. Working toward his Eagle Scout status, Treavor headed up the landscaping effort that would surround our beloved rock. And so it was, on a cool October day, members of Boy Scout Troop 380 and some FBI volunteers mulched beds, placed plants and prepared the area for visitors.

John and Treavor saw to it that the community of Indiana Township would have a place to go when it needed inspiration, reflection, or just a rock to lean on. In life, Sam Hicks served as a rock for his family and friends. He served as an inspiration for those who strive to achieve. Now, even in death, Sam Hicks continues this mission to the community, his friends and his family, whom he deeply loved.

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