The Samuel S. Hicks Memorial Fund was established by family and friends to benefit the youth of the communities where Special Agent Sam Hicks lived and worked.


To continue Sam's legacy by assisting youth and those in need of financial support in the communities where Sam lived, worked and dedicated his life to serving the public. To remind us all that brave and selfless law enforcement officers - like true leader and role model Sam Hicks - have lost and continue to lose their lives in the line of duty while protecting our communities and people just like us.

History of the Fund

The Samuel S. Hicks Memorial Fund was established in 2009 and is led by a group of Samuel's family members, friends and colleagues. The Fund continues to support Sam's ideals, principles and legacy by serving the communities in which Sam lived, worked, played and dedicated his life. The Fund provides opportunities and support to youth in areas such as education, law enforcement scholarships, sports and community programs.

Community Impact

Each year, the participation in The Samuel S. Hicks Memorial Fund continues to grow, especially with involvement from the community and the ever increasing financial contributions/donations from our generous sponsors. This strong support means we are ever increasing our capacity to help those in need. The Memorial Fund continues to raise awareness about the individuals who risk their lives every day to serve and protect our communities everywhere.