The Southmoreland School District is where Samuel Hicks played soccer and enjoyed sports growing up. He was passionate about soccer and also coached this sport at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, Scottdale 5 and under and Owing Mill High School in Baltimore, Maryland. In honor of this memory and as a way to "give back," the Memorial Fund provides a very special opportunity for young children and students in Scottdale, Pennsylvania.

Every spring, The Samuel S. Hicks Memorial Fund provides a free soccer clinic for Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade children of the Southmoreland School District. Together the clinic instructors and their young students gather at the Russ Grimm football field in Alverton, PA, near Scottdale. Participants are taught soccer fundamentals, advanced techniques and team cohesiveness skills that will help them in years to come. Each young student receives a t-shirt in memory of Samuel Hicks.

In April 2015 and April 2016 The Carlow University Women's Soccer Team volunteered to provide the clinics. The clinics operated under the direction of Ashlyn Fratto, Captain of the 2015 Carlow University Women's Soccer Team, and photography was done by Alyssa Fratto.

In March 2017, the clinic was under the direction of Ashlyn Fratto and she was assisted by Marissa and Don Bevan, Amy and Alyssa Fratto and Joel and Kelly Barko. Every year, Brian Pritts, Teacher and Assistant Athletic Director at Southmoreland School District, continues to coordinate the Soccer Clinic for the Southmoreland School District in conjunction with The Samuel S. Hicks Memorial Fund Board.

The 2018 soccer clinic at Russ Grimm Field in Alverton, Pennsylvania, will be coordinated through the Riverhounds Soccer Team and Coaches. Future events, including the date, will be found on our Facebook page when it is announced each January.